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An easy to use platform for Data Processing, Analytics and Data Visualization

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Why Datanyx ?

Robust features to analyze and visualize your data

Analyze Data

Visually appealing and easy to use user interface in web and mobile. Easy drag & drop features to build custom reports and analyze the data.

Extended Arm

Datanyx not only provides you the best experience but also a complete end to end solution. Our professional team helps you in setup and building reports.

Increased Revenue

Machine Learning Algorithm enabled Data Analytics that gives insights to your data and helps in critical decision making.

Best Reporting Tool
Best Business intelligence Tool
Aggregate Using Datacubes

Datanyx Highlights

  • Self-Service Software
  • Data Integration Platform
  • AI based Analytics
  • Advanced Adhoc Reporting
  • Cubes for advanced analysis
  • Role based security
  • Appealing Data Visualization
  • Connects to multiple data sources
  • Integrates with External Systems
  • Dimensions driven Drilldowns & Filters
  • Storage Types (Runtime,In-Memory or Physical)
  • Robust Filters at Report and Dashboard levels
  • Secure Inbox & Scheduling Capability
  • Over 30+ chart types to pick from to build the Reports

Designed for the Individual, Scaled for the Enterprise

Be it a small business or large enterprise, AI based Datanyx provides edge to your business.

Powerful Analytics

When it comes to empowering people with the power of data, Datanyx combines focus on how people see and understand data visuals with the kind of reliable, high performance platform you need to run even the world’s largest organizations. Learn more about how the Datanyx helps you turn your data into insights that drive action—while making your IT team happy, too.

High Performance

When you want to take data offline or bring it in-memory, Tekizma lets you extract massive data for limitless exploration in seconds. It combines advances in database and computer graphics technology so you can analyze huge datasets on a laptop.Tekizma's software moves as fast as you do. There’s a reason that the award-winning research scientists, design gurus, and visualization experts choose Tekizma.

Fits Your Needs

Powered by our patented technology, Tekizma gives you powerful analytics to ask deeper questions and deliver more meaningful answers. Experience the power of data to make your business advantageous. Stay in the flow of analysis, from data prep to analytics and collaboration. Answer questions you didn’t know you had. Share what you’ve discovered. Make data your most compelling partner in achieving your goals.

Mission-Critical Platform

AI-driven explanations for your data . Leverage the power of AI to explain data points with a single click. Based on advanced statistical models, Explain Data helps you uncover insights you may not have found otherwise.

Multiple Dashboards

Data Workflows

Create Data Workflows on various Datasources and Data formats. Apply Machine Learning and Rules for Decision making.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Strong security features that enables users to view data and reports based on their roles. Security Tags like PII, PHI, FTI can be applied to mask or disable certain data.

Appealing Data Visualization

Appealing Data Visualization

Eye catching and easy to understand data visualization using industry's best practices and the latest technologies.

Multi level Drill downs

Multi level Drill downs

Auto detection of drill down of data based on the data model. Custom hierarchy creation to any number of layers for customer drill downs.

Design Reports

Design Reports

Easy to use Drag & Drop designer. Supports over 30+ charts.

Design Datacubes

Data Cubes

Data cubes are nothing but creation of custom view of data. Easy creation of joins, filters, aggregations, sorting and grouping of data.


Our Product

Datanyx is an easy to use business intelligence tool that helps in discovering information from raw data. It comes with state of art Report Designer that helps create eye catching visualization with modern charts. Use the Datacube Designer to narrow down the data to create the required dimensions and measure. When the reports are created,use the Dashboard Designer to create custom dashboards as per the business needs.


Trusted by many customers big and small

We are a leading provider of modern SaaS solutions that solve multiple, complex data problems to companies of all sizes.

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Sales Partner

We have high referral programs, team with us as our sales partner to market our product to earn monthly. We support our partners with comprehensive help guides, training and training material. We offer help in end-to-end solution from data preparation to analysis to sharing insights

White Label

White label the solution under your brand and offer your customers as a value added product. Implement a solution for your customers using our platform. Our dedicated team will work with you to make your brand successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Datanyx offerings?

Datanyx provides a SAAS based solution which includes advanced capabilities in a cost-effective SAAS model. In addition to the SAAS model, there are options of a dedicated and On-Premise model as per the client requirement.

Do you offer dedicated or On-Premise deployments?

Yes. Tekizma is flexible in its offering. We offer both dedicated and On-Premise deployment models in addition to the SAAS model. For more details, please contact us at

How Datanyx is different from other products in the market?

Tekizma provides the complete solutions where we help you configure and set up your reports/dashboards.

Do you offer only the above pricing models or provide custom quote/plans as per our organization needs?

The plans provide comprehensive options. But if it doesn't fit your needs then Tekizma can provide a customized quote as per your organization's needs.

Is there a long term contract when I sign up for the service?

There is no long term contract, the plans are month to month.